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I think gm will need this car when it comes out to be honest !!!!!!!
I know it isnt a real lot of money but this $600 for some $1200 for others
that we will be getting back in a few months will help out.

Keep in mind whatever you do get back will be a loan from what your
whole tax return would have been in the spring of 09.
So if you get back $600 in the next few months and next year you
would have gotten back $2600 at the normal tax time then you will
only get $2,000. I'm going to do what we dont need to do and thats
put back what I get in a few months and stash it for my Camaro $$$$$.
Soon or later it will be put back in the market.....For a New GM Sports car :D
This is a loan to get money back into the economy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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