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"NHTSA investigating 10 recent complaints of recalled AND ALREADY REPAIRED Toyota vehicles still experiencing unintended acceleration."

Supporting Articles:

Jalopnik: Toyota Owners Filing Unintended Acceleration Complaints Over "Fixed" Vehicles

LA Times: Toyota's fix is a bust, owners claim

Business Week: NHTSA Gets Reports of Unintended Acceleration in Repaired Cars

Autoweek: NHTSA studies unintended-acceleration complaints in 'repaired' Toyotas

Bloomberg: Accelerator Complaints Filed on Fixed Toyota Cars

The saga continues.

I already didn't like Toyota.
I disliked them MORE when they went in front of congress and said "the problem is not in the electronics" and "we're confident we've resolved it."

And now this???
DURRR HELLO TOYOTA!??! Are you guys freakin idiots??? :twak:

HUGE THUMBS DOWN to Toyota for STILL CONTINUING to ignore the real problem and put drivers at risk. :thumbsdown:

My message to the Federal Government:
Implement a COMPLETE INJUNCTION against Toyota until this problem can be fixed for real, because they still don't get it!


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The problem is electomechanical. They need new electronics, software, and a non binding pedal to fix the issue.

Hell, Apple called them out on the software issues when Steve Wozniac pulled the code off the Prius ECU and had a heart attack at how crappy the code was wrote and compiled.

All they did was deny that the code was that bad. This is the software engineer for Apple, the second largest software vendor on the planet next to Microsoft. You mean to tell me that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about?!?!?!?!
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