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Update from Scott Settlemire

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Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

Three items for you to share..........

......Did you ever find yourself wanting to own a replica of 'Bumblebee?'

You could be one of three lucky winners! Yes -- they'll be production Camaros -- and yes, they'll be painted in that special color that Bumblebee wears.

Simply go to to sign up!

Also -- you'll want to visit

Once there, click on "Chevy Club House" -- and then click on the Silver Camaro Concept........ then click on "Camaro Now" --

Each month we'll be posting 'stuff' that you won't want to miss. Now -- don't expect to find a complete order guide and glossy color photos of the new Camaro ...............................yet!............. But we'll be updating each month - and you do NOT want to miss November.

Finally -- a word about the recent blogs out there --

Yes-- the Camaro will have a key. (versus pushbutton start)

Yes -- it will be a model year 2010 -- but we have not moved the 'start-up' date. We'll start building Camaros in the 4th quarter of 2008 -- and they'll be in dealerships in the first quarter of 2009.

Yes - the new Camaro will have a B-pillar. BUT - it isn't noticable from the outside. Think of a first gen with the rear window in the up position. The rear window will cover the B-pillar and there will be a weatherstrip attached. The B-pillar is necessary for several reasons -- the most important being:
>reduction of mass
>structural rigidity

.....and, I think we're safe in saying this: The production car is so close to the concept -- that if we were driving down the road in a production Camaro coupe in Silver -- and you passed us going the other way -- you'd swear it was the Silver concept.

The Future just keeps getting brighter and brighter!

Good luck -- and we hope that all three Bumblebee Camaros will go to good homes in the Camaro/Firebird Enthusiast community!

Some good reading there :roxor::patriot:
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hmm I went there, but I see no "Camaro now" button to click...just Camaro Word..

I guess it will get updated as time goes on...
Wow, model year change. That is news to me!

Doesn't make much of a difference, production and availability start dates remain the same. :)
Hey I just noticed the title bar in internet explorer says 2010 now!!
Big news today hmmm...:D
Hey guys, I think what you are looking for is the "CAMARO WORD" link that the Clubhouse / Camaro selection will open first.....

WOW, what a great day?!? Who would have thought that the release of Transformers on DVD would be accompanied by this information as well as the pic of Welburn hugging our beloved Camaro down under. This just made my week. Now, if I can just get my 68 back from the paint shop on Friday, it will be perfect.

Have a good 'un! (Anyone care to guess the significance of that phrase?)
Wow, model year change. That is news to me!

Doesn't make much of a difference, production and availability start dates remain the same. :)
I think it has always been labeled 2010 model year, production time hasn't changed. :roxor:
Thanks, Fbodfather and Octane! I love hearing information here, being able to trust it, and long before I hear it anywhere else!

Looking forward to hearing what engines are going to be available and then finally seeing a production car.
B-pillar doesn't bother me. I would rather have it, more structural rigidity, less weight, and a lower price. And it's a nice, solid thing for the passenger window to close into other than another piece of glass.

Having a B-pillar is no big deal it will look good either way.:5go:
true, it would be nice if it goes down like convertables or like the MB CL500 so you have the wide open window..
If you read about how it will be configured, picture a first gen car with the front windows rolled down and the rear window up, I think it will look great.

I was hoping it would not look like the current Mustang (see below)

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They did the same thing in the 80's with alot of the cars. The berretta's & Cavaliers had a phoney quarter glass. With the doors shut it looked like a regular window but it was fixed.

yeah i got that when i read it... and im glad it wont look like the mustang, but i like the whole open space.. no matter what it will look amazing.
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