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I used to work at one of their engine cooling manufacturing and R/D facilities.

We made radiators, ac condensers, heater cores and assembled modules.
I was a welder and powder coat technician.

I did parts for Prowler, Volvo Trucks, Jeep, Mercedes,Dodge trucks and others. I hand brazed the first 2 V10 radiators for testing in Chrysler trucks.

A little info about Valeo:

Key figures
  • Present in 26 countries, the Group employs 70,400 people of 95 different nationalities*, at 130 production sites, 65 Research & Development centers and 9 distribution platforms.**
  • 9.9 billion euro sales*
  • Investment in Research & Development represents 6.6% of the Group’s total operating revenues.**
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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