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How bout this in your 2010 Camaro ?? :lol::lol:pulled this one off the dyno this morning guys....

Car: 2002 Camaro SS M6

Modifications Include:

ProLine/Vengeance Spec 440 LSX Shortblock
-GM LSX Block
-Callies Crankshaft
-Callies Connecting Rods
-Diamond Pistons/Ring Pack
-Clevite Bearings
-Katech C5R Timing Chain

TrickFlow 235cc CNC Cylinder Heads-6 bolt/cylinder option
Vengeance Spec Camshaft
Yella Terra Ultra Lites
Comp Lifters
Melling Pump

FAST 92mm Manifold
Modified to 96mm
Nick Williams 96mm Throttlebody
Fast Toys Air Box
Silicone Coupler

American Racing 1 7/8 x 2 x 3 1/2 Longtubes
DMH Dual Electric Cutouts
SLP Dual Dual Catback

RPS Twin Organic Clutch kit
Moser 9" Rear
Steel Driveshaft
315 Drag Radials

Built/Installed/Tuned (Speed Density)@ Vengeance Racing

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Thats a BAD 02 SS!!!

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I wish I could put that motor in mine when I get it that is. But I am in California and it must pass emesions testing after the 6 years it is not required to be smogged.
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