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Wasn't sure where to put this...

3rd and 4th gen folks,

For about the last year, I've been contemplating some non-invasive surgery upgrades for my 2002 Camaro SS. One of them is the GMMG-style chambered exhaust. Problem is, just about when I was ready to bite the bullet, I started reading about GMMG's on the web/off the web situation and no returned emails, etc., and no one really seemed to know what's going on with them.

Finding a used setup is difficult at best, and when you do, they usually want a pretty penny for it. Sometimes almost as much as it cost new. I want to keep my stock SLP CME tips, and they said it just requires a little modification to make it work.

However, one of our sponsors, Vengeance Racing, sells the Stainless Works GMMG-style catback chambered exhaust systems. But sadly, they are temporarily out of stock.

Good news is, they expect to see more sets coming in August 2010.

This is NOT, repeat, NOT a group purchase thing. I'm just letting people know what they told me about availability.

So if you've ever considered a chambered exhaust for your 3rd/4th gen, I'm guessing this is a great opportunity to get on the waiting list. $679 isn't a bad price for new.

If interested in getting on the list, email [email protected]

Disclaimer: I'm just a future customer of Vengeance Racing, otherwise I'm not affiliated in any way shape or form. Just passing info along.
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