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Vent session

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:BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead: Next time somebody sees me, shoot me for not converting this car (formula)to a turbo 350 with a trans brake. I've had more problems with a 850hp built 4L60E than I can stand. I got the thing back 2 weeks ago installed it. (The lower reverse sprag grenaded) Filled it with fluid started the car, topped off the fluid in neutral, and then jumped in the car and put it in drive on jackstands. Then the SOB leaks 4 qts of fluid from inside the bell in less than 1 minute. What a mess. :eek: I had to pull the thing out AGAIN to change the input shaft seal. Then it was back to reinstalling the tranny, only to have the converter not click back on to the pump. for some reason the verter will not go all the way on. This is making me nuts:screwy: I'm to the point I'm going to see the guy who built my turbo 350. He's a tranny builder and drags 2 super comp dragsters. I've tried just about everything to make the converter click bak onto the pump. IT REFUSES TO GO ON. :confused: I don't understand I've intalled it twice with no problems. Ive installed other converters on other trannys before with no problem. :angry: If I had a bazooka I would have blown the @#$^#$ UP.:BangHead: :BangHead: In the words of cartman " I am so pissed":rotflmao:
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sorry to hear the verter issue. wish ya the best of luck.... im just as moody as you are with my car.:rotflmao:
It sounds like your angle of the dangle is slghtly off.:)
Car problems are so annoying!

Whenever I get stuck on something, after a while I need a break.
Not looking at it for 2-3-4 days helps me deal with wanting to throw it off a bridge lol.
...... Next time somebody sees me, shoot me for not converting this car (formula)to a turbo 350 with a trans brake ....

Its probaby a good thing you live in LA ... cuz I'm sure you'd be bobbing and weaving by now if you lived a couple of states over ... :rotflmao:

Seriously though ... nothing more frustrating then a pretty straight forward install going bad :BangHead:
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