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This past Sunday at the Lingenfelter-hosted track day in Muncie, Indiana, Lingenfelter's LS9-powered Camaro made a couple 9-second 1/4-mile passes. :cool:

Source: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Forum

The Lingenfelter LS9 powered 2010 Camaro SS made its first 9 second quarter mile pass at the Muncie Dragstrip on July 18, 2010. It was a blistering 88 degrees and the humidity was around 75% once the sun came out on Sunday but all of the customers and fans still had a great time. The turn out was good with around 40 vehicles registering to run down the track and many enthusiasts just coming to watch the wide range of cars, trucks, bikes and even 4 wheelers that were participating.

The Lingenfelter LS9 2010 Camaro SS with a manual transmission made 7 passes total with three being in the 9’s. The LS9 2010 Camaro SS made its quickest pass of the day with a 9.974 @ 141.64 mph run.


WOW that is FLYING!!!! :cool:

Here are some pictures from the event too:


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is that with the stock rear end and transmission? and is it just a ls9 dropped in or is it retuned and higher boost?

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Here are the car's specs, as of May 26, 2010 when the car ran 10.23 @ 137:

* 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS with TR6060 6 speed manual transmission
* Lingenfelter built ZR1 LS9 engine with:

* Lingenfelter High Flow supercharger front cover L250110309
* 102 mm throttle body (Lingenfelter front cover ported to match)
* Lingenfelter LS9 overdrive harmonic balancer L220100309
* Lingenfelter LS9 2.38 diameter upper supercharger pulley
* Lingenfelter custom fabricated aluminum LS9 double stacked intercooler assembly
* Lingenfelter GT9 - LS9 camshaft
* Lingenfelter CNC ported LS9 cylinder heads with factory titanium intake valves and hollow stem exhaust valves
* JE forged aluminum pistons
* Larger fuel injectors
* Stock GM LS9 crankshaft & titanium connecting rods
* Stock LS9 dry sump oil pump and pan
* Custom dry sump oil tank
* Setrab intercooler heat exchanger
* American Racing 2 inch primary headers
* Custom Corsa exhaust system
* Lingenfelter steel 9 bolt LS9 flywheel with LPE twin disk Camaro clutch kit
* Lingenfelter LNC-002 2-step launch controller
* Line lock with Lingenfelter TVS Diode kit installed
* Lingenfelter RPM-002 RPM activated switch triggering a Raptor multi-LED shift light
* Lingenfelter twin pump fuel system
* Lingenfelter prototype dash mounted gauge pod with boost gauge
* Custom roll cage
* Trunk mounted intercooler fluid tank with high volume intercooler pump
* CCW Camaro SS DragPack wheel package with 28x10 16 inch Hoosier slicks and 17” front drag tires
* GM Camaro V6 brakes (to clear the 16” rear wheels)
* MTI short throw shifter with Momo low profile leather shift knob
* 241 mm (9.5”) billet aluminum differential with 4.10 ring & pinion gear set
* HD halfshafts
* LPE/Sachs adjustable shocks (front and rear) with stock springs
* Hotchkis chassis brace
* Pfadt subframe bushings
* Pfadt differential bushings
* Lingenfelter Gen 5 Camaro adjustable trailing arms (L500101410)
* Lingenfelter Gen 5 Camaro adjustable forward tie rods (L500111410)
* prototype Lingenfelter rear wing
* prototype Lingenfelter high-rise hood (modified to clear the custom intercooler)

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holy MF now that is a hellava car
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