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I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what goes on at Vengeance Racing. I spent a few minutes yesterday afternoon taking a few shots of "our world"...

Here is out 12,250 Sq Ft Facility.

Front Door

Lobby shots.. Devin adding product to our online store

The main shop

Engine room with small parts

Dyno Side of the shop

The 3rd area of the shop is our warehouse. I am going to hold off on posting pictures for obvious reasons :lol:

In regard to the cars you see in the pictures.....Starting in the "main shop"

Big Tire/Tube Chassis Camaro- Just completed complete LSX 427 conversion. Was previously a GM 454 Big Block car. For more details on this build check out....

Red C6 Z06 waiting for forged LS7 bottom end. Adding Advanced Induction CNC Cylinder Heads/All Bolt Ons/200 shot of nitrous. She will make 600RWHP on motor and spray 200 on top.

Black TBSS- 402 LS2 Stroker. Replacing current transmission with RPM Level VI

Black C5 Corvette- Waiting for 440 LS7 transplant. Will be hitting the rack shortly

Flat black C5 Drag Car- Waiting on customer to return from overseas so we can begin testing at the track. For more details of this build check out....

Silver GTO on the rack- Adding TrickFlow As Cast cylinder Heads/Textralia OZ700 clutch kit. Currently the GTO produces 458/432 to the tires with our VRX5 camshaft/Ported FAST intake/Supporting bolt ons.. Hoping to see 500RWHP NA stock bottom end this afternoon.

Red GTO- Trans Cooler/Misc items-30,000 mile service... Yes, we service/maintain our customer cars.

Dyno side-

2010 Camaro- Stage II Performance Package- Details of this build showing A/B comparisons are being posted at

2004 CE C5 Z06- Upgrading rear differential to RPM Stage II 3:73. Vehicle has a fully built 402 LS2/full supporting bolt ons from Vengeance

Red SS Camaro- 402 LS2 build awaiting parts

Red TA- 408 Stroker- Customer is active duty in Iraq. Car is complete awaiting owner to return to the states.

Silver C6- TVS 1900 Blower/supporting bolt ons

Black SS Camaro- 496 Warhawk Stroker. This build was featured in GMHTP last month. We are still conducting testing with multiple camshafts prior to delivery.

Red C6 Z06- Awaiting APS Twin Turbo Build

Pewter SS Camaro- 440 LSX build with a bit of nitrous ;)

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