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Visteon & Boston Acoustics to Complement 2010 Camaro With Sophisticated Premium Audio

VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, Mich., Aug. 12, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Visteon
Corporation (NYSE: VC) and Boston Acoustics will deliver refined
performance in the audio system that accents the redesigned 2010 Chevrolet
Camaro -- a performance car that embodies the passion of the past and

The two companies are engineering a premium audio system for the
Camaro's re-launch that is tailored to suit the Camaro's legacy -- starting
with precision speaker design. Boston Acoustics, creator of The Boston
Sound for home stereo systems, is engineering speakers for the Camaro that
are robust enough to handle high power and loud play, yet capable of
reproducing the finest acoustic details. Powering those speakers is
Visteon's high performance and state of the art, DSP amplifier. From there,
audio integration engineers from Visteon and Boston Acoustics carefully
tailor the equalization to the Camaro's specific interior configurations to
accurately reproduce the Boston Sound within the vehicle -- transforming
the vehicle into an acoustically ideal soundstage. Fabrics, seat placement
and instrument panel materials are just a few of the many variables
considered when fine-tuning the quality of sound reproduction for the
vehicle's interior.

Offered as an option, the premium Boston Acoustics audio system will
allow consumers to hearken back to glory days of Motown or experience the
pulsation of today's techno music with digital-signal-processing enhanced
sound quality that was unheard of until now.

"Visteon is honored to play such an important role in the redesign of a
true classic," said Julie Fream, vice president, Visteon GM customer group.
"Using advanced automotive audio technologies, Visteon and Boston Acoustics
are creating a polished, dimensional sound stage that will provide as
powerful an impact as the re-introduction of this iconic vehicle. This is
truly a sports car for the 21st century."

"We are pleased that GM has introduced The Boston Sound to its vehicle
in North America, and we know that the Camaro and Boston Acoustics will
make beautiful music together," said Michael J. Maloney, president of D&M
Holdings OEM, Global Marketing Group, which includes the Boston Acoustics
brand. "As consumers raise their expectations for great sound in their
vehicles, Boston Acoustics is ready to meet those demands," he said.
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I wouldn't want to hear from any disciple that turned on the radio during their test drive. That's not someone with their priorities straight. :D
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