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Waggoner: If we don't build it, we're brain dead.

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For those who missed the 60 Minutes spot on GM's troubles:


Lutz says the company has turned the corner on reliability, and J.D. Power quality surveys bear him out. Another encouraging sign came at the Detroit Auto Show when Lutz unveiled the new sleek new Camaro concept car, which debuted to unanimous acclaim and was selected as best car in show. It is exactly what GM needs right now ? but in its showrooms, not at an auto show.

"We're enthused about it and everybody wants to know, 'So, are you gonna build it?'" says Wagoner.

The answer to that question, Wagoner says, is a firm maybe. "We'd like to do it. ? We haven't made the call. We've introduced it as a concept. Sometimes we do that to see how people react to it."

"The best car in the show," Kroft remarked.

"Yeah, well I just got that information," Wagoner says. "I think that does suggest that if we didn't try to build this, we might be brain dead. Stay tuned."
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man You just beat me on posting this story for the camaro! I am glad that somebody else is just as obsessed as me about the future of american muscle!
Let's hope they aren't brian dead.
I definatly agree I hope they are not brain dead or else gm may be doomed
Like said by tons of people....if they don't get this into production immediately, gm should just hang it up. They should change their moto from American revolution to day late, dollar short. :(
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