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Hit wally world today and found this poster and 4 of the red hot wheels finally and grabbed them. Customized 2 of them so far. Made one black and just some more detail work on the other (Gold grille emblem, Silver foglight and headlight detail, black rear panel, chrome light bezels, and gunmetal rims). Gotta pick up some more red to make the taillights as my red was too thick to work with. Haven't decided on whether or not I'm going to do the wheels in black, gunmetal or leave chrome. I also added gunmetal (wanted more of a dark gray than black) stripes on a silver hot wheels too and added the gold grille emblem to it as well. Well here they are. I masked them off btw instead of freehand except for the details. If I get brave enough I might add the silver door handles later too.

PS I'll get a decent camera one of these days as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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