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Watch this Camaro launch

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I hate when that happens. :rotflmao:
I hate when that happens. :rotflmao:
That smilie looks like his rear axle :lol: :roxor:
Now that's funny. Reminds of this time when I had my 84 Camaro that had a pretty hot 350 in it (about 450rwhp) and I had just finished putting her together. There was another guy lurking around the neighborhood with a blown Mustang Cobra 93ish that I was itching to race (he liked to taunt me by driving by my garage and revving while I was building the car). Anyhoo got the car done and finally ran into him in the middle of the night on a clear road and it was on like donkey cong. I blew his doors off straight out of the gate then as we both pulled back I heard a crash bang boom and flames shot up from under the car and managed to singe my arm hair. I pulled onto a side street to check it out. Well I managed to blow the front seal out of my 700r4 and pop a hole on my fuel line on my very first race with the new car. But the worst part was as me and my buddy stood dumbfounded next to my smoldering car the Mustang guy slowly rolled by and gave me the "Simpsons Nelson laugh" and drove off. That sucked but I still beat him!!!:BangHead:
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This was posted the Honda Site I'm a mod on. I wouldn't comment. Funny how it's making it's way around. Poor guy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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