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Hi people, i am very new and i have this weird issue on my Camaro LT 2013, i have a sound like something metallic is loose on the front of the car and i have a vibration when i used the break, like my brake pedal bounce but only in low speed (Under 50 km/h), on this point all my ligths on the dash are Off, when i go faster than 50 km/h appear the message "Service Stabilitrak", and all my lights on the dash shows on (abs, traction control, check engine), like 3 or 4 differents ligths, on this point the vibration, the sounf of something is loose and the bounce on the brake pedal completely disapear and never shows again, until i turn off the car, when i turn on again the car shows the same exactly scenario on the same way always.

I hope the community can help me, because i go to three different mechanics and no one identify where the problem is.

Thank You All!

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