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Were you able to negotiate below sticker on your Bumblebee?

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Just wondering what dealers were doing on the Bee as far as negotiating on prices. Please tell us if you ended up passing sticker, invoice, above sticker, or what kind of deal you ended up with.
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The sticker on mine (well the orange tag in the window) was 59800!!!!!!!! (not joking) I ended up getting it down to 44,xxx......obvious above sticker...didnt really wanna pay that but I really wanted bumblebee.
59,800? Are you $hittin me? Good god that's insane. What dealer had it listed for that price?
lindsay chevrolet in woodbridge VA.....they tried for a few weeks to sell me the car and kept telling me that since it was very limited, they could get that price...obviously not....even the 44,xxx I paid was still too much :angry:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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