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In Australia we have a substantial media budget and have hired Neil Crompton, the voice of V8 Supercar Racing, as the Pedders Brand Ambassador.

We are very competitive in the USA. AU has one Brand Ambassador. The USA will have 16. In the USA we have a very small media budget so we are holding a Reality Forum Brand Ambassador LIVE Online Application Process from now through Sunday, November 29, 2008 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on a number of forums. The cost is so low it should fit your mod budget too. Let the fun begin! Applications will be posted for these vehicles on a number of forums.

300C LX
Challenger LX
Camaro 2010
Charger LX
Magnum LX

There is a LIMIT of ONE Car and ONE SUV per Dealer.

That means people on other forums will be applying for the same Pedders Dealer Brand Ambassador Position. You may want to check them out. Feel free to update your application at any time, but DELETE NOTHING.

Pedders USA, LLC and eligible Pedders Dealers will evaluate your online applications. While the application process is intended to be fun, this is serious business. We expect that the Appointed Pedders Dealer Brand Ambassadors will actively participate in events and the forums. A photographic and editorial documentation of the installation is just the first step in your commitment. The reason you are doing this is because you are a Car Guy (Guy Covers both Female and Male Car Nuts) and are already a prolific poster along with active in local car clubs and events. You also understand that this should be fun, outrageous and entertaining for you and everyone that is viewing the thread.

The application process is LIVE ONLINE. We will accept YouTube, Photo Essay, Essay or virtually any type of media you can legally create, but it must be posted in an Official Pedders Brand Ambassador Thread.

Brand Ambassador Online Application

Why are you the PERFECT candidate to be selected as Insert Shop Name Pedders Brand Ambassador?
To become a _________ Pedders Brand Ambassador the Candidate receives a DEEPLY discounted installation of a Track II Suspension.

  • As a Brand Ambassador I will participate in Pedders Days and brand specific events.
  • I will do a photo documentation of my Pedderisation posting the complete installation on line.
  • I understand that I am making a commitment to Pedders and the Local Pedders Dealer in exchange for a ridiculously low price.
  • The application process is fun.
  • The Brand Ambassador Position is to be taken seriously.
  • If the Applicants are not acceptable to a Dealer then none will be selected.
  • Please select me for this position as I will be the ideal Brand Ambassador because:

Yada. yada, yada, yada........ There is more to it than that! Here are Niel Cromton's Qualifications.

22 years of car racing (including 15 years as a professional driver) and 10 years as a commentator, it’s no wonder Neil Crompton is Australia’s leading television motorsports specialist. Neil has contested 345 car racing events all up, including 57 top 3 finishes, 119 top 6 finishes and 195 top 10 finishes. He has also participated in 21 major events at Mt. Panorama and often led the Bathurst Classic, winning the 12 Hour Enduro in 1994 and scoring two third placings in the coveted Bathurst 1000k in 1992 and 1995.

“After racing and broadcasting within the V8 Supercar community for more than twenty years, the V8 paddock is my home and with Seven’s deep commitment to V8 Supercars, there was a natural fit,” Neil says. “I have a deep passion for the sport. I love sharing the V8 Supercar story. I know the people and the cars and along the way, I’ll be reunited with some old mates in Matty, Mark and Grant.”

Tell and show us more about yours!

GTO Track eXtreme Installed Retail Using an $85 Labor Rate $4,696.64 Ambassador Priced $1,699.00

G8 Track eXtreme (Does NOT Include EP6560) Installed Retail Using an $85 Labor Rate $5,635.89 ONLY ONE Available Nation $1,699.00

LX Track II Retail Value Installed Retail Using an $85 Labor Rate $4,696.64 Ambassador Priced $1,799.00

GMT900 Police Installed Retail Using an $85 Labor Rate $1,900.71 Ambassador Priced $599.99

Camaro 2010 eXtreme Xa We don't have retail established, but we will do ONE Nation Wide at $1,999.99 A 25% Deposit will be required to hold this one.

  • Judging will be at the sole discretion of Pedders USA in cooperation with the participating Dealer.
  • In the event of a tie there will be a Sudden Death Vote by Pole Thread on
  • All entries must be posted no later than Sunday, November 29, 2008 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • Winners will be announced Monday, December 1, 2008 at 5:00 Eastern Standard Time.
  • Payment is due within 24 Hours of the announcement.
  • Failure to complete payment to Pedders USA, LLC eliminates the applicant with the runner-up having 24 additional hours to complete the transaction.

Now get creative and post your Brand Ambassador Application!

Eligible / Participating Pedders Dealers

Backstreet Pedders, Ohio
Chicago Pedders, Illinois
Expert Tire / Wretched Pedders, Massachusetts - Special Corporate Restrictions Apply
Haddad Pedders, California
Norpac Pedders, Seattle
Precision Pedders, Florida
Rhett's Pedders, Colorado
SNL Pedders, Texas

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