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What was your 1st car?

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So what was your 1st car and how did you get it? How much did it cost?
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1971 Fiat Spider Convertible. Hand-me-down from my brother. It spent more time in the shop, than out of it. You know Fiat stands for "Fix It Again, Tony". :)

Something like this:
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Yeah, I was gonna get one of those, but my wife didn't want to live in it with our 2 kids. Something about priorities, blah, blah, blah....
dont have any pics but it was a 87 mazda b-2000, 2.0L 5 speed......

three different colors, had been run down a fence post on both sides..... yeah it was a beater:lol:
1990 Ford Taurus Wagon. Mom's car til she bought a new Caprice in 95.
I made a first car thread some time ago, but it didn't last long.

Mine was a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais. 3spd auto with a Quad4. It was slick as snake **** speed wise. Only reason I lost to a Cadillac(might have been a Chrysler, can't remember that far back) in a little mini-race was because I had it floored and it wouldn't shift out of 2nd. So I was going like 50mph or so in 2nd gear.
Was my father's old car. I miss it, it was ghetto but awesome. Went to a HS full of people who got brand new cars from their parents..and I pulled up next to them in this ancient-ass thing. Was fun.

1974 Chevy Caprice 4 door, dark red beater :D
I actually bought two first cars the same day...a 66 chevy pickup, and a 1974 Olds Omega. Got em' both for $2000.;)
sorry my fingers are sticky :lol:
1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88:

Paid $50 for it.
Never really drove it other than around the block, and only had it for a couple months.

First car I actually drove was a 1994 Camaro Z28:

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1968 Camaro SS

it was $1500 in 1992. and that price was because i bought it from my grandpa, it was my aunt's, until she got a dui and he confiscated it from her.
My first car was a 1981 Camaro. It cost me $3500 in 1986.
Early 70's Chevy Nova (No Go) then a Chevy Luv Pickup
I gotta 77 camaro for $450. Then 3 weeks later bought a 68 for $500. Pulled the motor, trans and diff from the 77 stuck it in the 68 abd instantly had a 14.5 sec car 1/4 mile. Before I graduated High School I had the fastest car in my high school :roxor::roxor::roxor:
This was supposed to be my first car, but it was wrecked before it got to me:

This ended up being my first car 1982 Berlinetta V8. It was spray painted light grey over top all the 1 million dents it had in it. Then I spray painted it blue with white stripes over all those dents:D. Then I took it to autobody at school and had to strip all those coats of spraypaint off and we fixed all the dents and painted it with real paint. Here is a pic with real paint.

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'82 Ford LTD
1994 brand new and hideous, red Toyota Tercel coupe. Sticker was $8990 and my payments where $214.78 a month. I really wanted an Eclipse GS but I was 18, in the navy and my dad was cosigning so he made me get the dork mobile.

Ever since that car, I've hated Toyotas.
72 Mustang. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm gonna make upfor it with my 09 Camaro:lol:
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