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What will you do?

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Thought I would see what all the soon to be New 5th Gen Camaro owners here will do for their first mod. Or if your looking at or thinking of a Mod Post it!! :cool:

I would spray it!!
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I will definitely add some throaty exhaust, but I am surely going to do an appearance mod first. Either new wheels, or lower it.
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It'll be a toss-up between a shifter or catback.
i think the optional hurst shifter is supposed to be pretty slick (unlike the hurst options in past generations). i remember seeing a video of it.

and the white hurst ball is bad ass
I have a feeling GMM, Pro 5.0, etc will come out with a better design which is cheaper.

I was less than enthused with the Hurst on my 4th gens. They got replaced promptly with a Pro 5.0. Actually, now that I think about it, the first mods I did to both of those cars was the shifter - and then a catback.
computer tune!
LT Headers, cat delete,and electric cutouts
put a maggie on it
at first---probably just exhaust and a tune. maybe LT's.

down the road---maybe cam & a procharger or cam & 4.10's.
Eliminating the 'lack-of-mod-money' variable, I would install a Magnacharger, long tubes, cat back and a tune. I would also love to completely 'Pedderize' the suspension!:thumbsup:
:cool: nice

ya i would do a bunch of stuff if I had enough money to do it with!!
I'm gonna go with a twin STS turbo kit. Have been talking to STS for over a year now and they will be making a twin kit for it.
Some sort of forced induction and a nice loud cat-back
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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