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What would you order?

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Imagine it's Nov 2008, you've just walked into Wetdream Chevy and are going to order a 2009 Camaro.

It's the future so $$$ is no object, and Sam Slick will order anything that's in the GM order binder sitting on the table in front of you. You look down and ...

Mine would be:

Z-28 convertible
(1980 Corvette) yellow
black top
dark grey leather interior
427 ci small block fuelie
3 1/2 inch duals
6 speed stick
5.13 gears with manual override traction control
20's with 335's all around
HUD display
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Dark Blue
V8 Convertible
black top
Automatic or manual - not sure yet
Dark leather interior
Hugger Orange SS
Dark Leather Interior
biggest engine option and delete everything to save weight and i'd probably get an auto
Hmm, gonna have to think about this for a while....

I know I'll get a Z28.
Probably an automatic trans.
Leather interior.
I like gadgets, so it'll probably be loaded.
Not sure about color, the car looks good in any color though!
Would like the ss with 500+hp and an automatic.
Something that I can beat on BMW's with at track days then drive it home comfortably or go to Bowling Green in and still walk when I get there.
Big motor, Hugger Orange, and a 6 speed stick
I would have to go with hugger orange or ralley green I think they call it with the biggest v8, six spd and not worried about the rest.
black, biggest engine available, fully loaded, leather, of course a 6 speed!
I would get:

SS or Z28 coupe depending on price
automatic w/performance gearing
Dark blue w/ white race stripes
dark leather interior
Chrome wheels
windows tinted

Immediately upon delivery it would be
sent to local race shop for nitrous install & supporting availiable mods!
Red (its faster) red blk. interior RS/SS BIG HP and of course M6. FTMFW
Black,SS,6-Speed,Leather Interior,Two 12" Rockford SubWoofers! Carbon Fiber Hood And Mirriors
First one (wife's) will be blue Z28 or SS (whichever is cheaper ot the two)with just a few amenities, auto. Mine will be biggest engine, 6 spd, vert, fully loaded dunno what color yet have to see them in person but probably triple black. But if rumor holds true mine will have to wait till '11 oh well the blue one will be mine till it gets there though.
Impulse Blue (take it to the local body shop and have the lower skirts painted white)
6 speed
Black Interior Leather
Top notch sound system
Tint the windows
hopefully they will have a interior dress up options :D
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