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Where's all the turbo v6's???

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Hi guys, I am new to the site although have been lurking around since october when i bought my camaro.
I am wondering why the v6 turbo threads seem to have died. I want to purchase a twin turbo kit but cannot figure out why finding information from people who have ran them for a while is so hard to find. Any clues as to what happened to the few builds that are here. I really want twin turbos but I am also open to people who have experience with the zex nitrous kits as well. I am no stranger to turbo cars as a few buddies have totally crazy subarus and even a nissan gt-r that has upgraded twin turbos. Thanks for any info.
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I also, have a TT LLT Camaro with Automatic transmission. I did my build 3 years ago and now have 33,000 miles on the vehicle with absolutely no problems to date. I run 10 PSI boost with a 4" diameter MAF charge tube. My turbos are the Borg Warner EFR's and my shop did the entire install. I choose to rear mount them, much like STS, using premium parts and materials. We designed the system with a sequential operated control logic so you can run on (1) turbo for normal driving and great throttle response, NO TURBO LAG and then the second turbo comes on depending on RPM, TPS position and Boost.

The system is awesome and power is great. Easily outruns SS's and Stangs. Car will launch at .75 G's! High 11's in 1/4 mile. A fun car to drive, daily driven.
High 11s! NIIIICE!
Great explanation! It's a good sleeper Camaro, too. No turbos to see under the hood. You could make a little spare change at the track. least until you made your first couple of passes.
Another twin turbo V6 here. I've been on C5 for a few years but figured I'd join some other forums. Running mid mount Garret GT28 turbos with 7# wastegates, aem boost controller, tialQ bov, 93 octane tune.

Best time so far is 12.123 @ 119.88 ....JUST cant reach the 11's. I'm on 20" factory size General Gmax all season tires and have horrible 60fts, but doing some winter mods so hoping to get deep into the 11's.
Dump the GMax and get something that actually sticks. That'll help a LOT.
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