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Are you buying a new Camaro?

  • Hell Yes, definitely!

    Votes: 70 68.0%
  • Depends on what the options/hp, etc. are

    Votes: 27 26.2%
  • I'll wait and buy used

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • No thanks, I'll stick with what I have.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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It depends on alot of things for me to consider buying one. The concept is great, but the production version will be significantly "watered down". Just look at the Mustang concept car, and the what was actually produced. Very similar yes, but much less exotic looking. I will likely buy if it stays close to the concept. I might get flamed for this, but I hope it has a solid axle for the production version (hopefully something beefier than a 7.5 10 bolt) because I'm more if a drag racer anyway, and it'll help keep the cost down.
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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