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Are you buying a new Camaro?

  • Hell Yes, definitely!

    Votes: 70 68.0%
  • Depends on what the options/hp, etc. are

    Votes: 27 26.2%
  • I'll wait and buy used

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • No thanks, I'll stick with what I have.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Will you buy a new Camaro?

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Who's buying one when the car hits the showroom?
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Camaro4Life said:
There will be a V6 option offered. Base price will be around $19,000.

The goal is to offer a high quality sports car, that will be cheaper with the competitors.... like the Mustang.

I will definitely get one if it comes out.:cool:
you talk like you know something....:)

but i would wait a little bit, after the dealers stop marking them up
i would have ordered at the uveil if f-bod father would have had some order forms
I voted yes I will buy one for sure as it will be time for a new car by then and I love the looks of the concept
unless i land a big job, i'll prbly be looking for a slightly used one when i graduate.
I would....
As long as I can afford it!

Stripper for me, no options biggest V8 and a 6 speed:p

I'll buy a 5th gen if I can afford it, AND if they change that retro instrument cluster out to something more modern. The tachometer and speedometer didn't sit well with me at all. But the seats, console and exterior I really like. I'd hit it...just give me one with all the power options, black interior with leather and it's all good. :D
id really really like to have one with ttops, but ill still get one if it doesnt have any...
I'm planning on one in '10 or maybe '11

Same reason - so the kinks get worked out :)
You need an option for buying 2 or more;)
i hope that ill have the money but it looks like its going to come out while im in college:BangHead:
I'll order mine thru a GM contact, no markup and a hefty discount.
more than likely yes. but it depends on when the release is and how its priced. right now, it must be out by mid 08 for me to get one. otherwise it will be a GT500
heck in 2008 I might get a 2006 GTO or a 2004 MACH1
Thats IF..the new Camaro is not what we hope it will be..
There will probably be a lot of people trading in their 4th gen's for a 5th gen, so their will be lots of Camaro's for sale then. So I might just get an LS1
Yankee said:
Exactly. I hope GM can do something about the inevitable "dealer market adjustment" (i.e. MARKUP) that's gonna happen when this car becomes available. I still remember when the Corvette ZR-1 came out in 1990 - dealers were charging $20-30K over sticker (and people were actually PAYING it :eek: ), which I found interesting because a couple of years later, dealers could barely GIVE those cars away.

That's the biggest thing that I think will keep people away from the Camaro right away, unless you've got ALOT of money stashed away for the markup price - I hate to rain on anyone' parade, but it's GONNA happen, I'm sure of it. :mad:
Ok, I don't pretend to know how everything works.

But how can dealers do this?

If I can go to the Chevy website and 'Build and Price' a new Camaro, when I get to the dealer they had better be nearly the same as what I got on Chevy's website.

If I"m looking at a $27,000 car and they're trying to sell it to me for $35,000 claiming 'it's a popular car' I'll be telling them 'f**k you, a cars price doesn't rise from the manufacturer in relation to it's popularity'.
I probably won't buy one right away, most likely the higher performance models won't be in the initial build anyway, not to mention GM has a habit of not allowing employee discounts until the demand slacks off a bit. The dealers are di(k [email protected] with their "market demand" mark-ups, and I'm sure they'll be gouging buyers that are willing to pay what they ask........ BUT

I WILL buy one IF it's available in a street scorching form! :D
I plan to take delivery of the ss/z28 what ever they call it in convertible form :cool:
Can I get one with a hoodscoop please?
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