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Window switches in 5th gen

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Most people seem to be stuck on the drivetrain. I was just thinking about where they might wind up putting the window switches in the 5th gen. I kinda hope they go back to the center console like in the 3rd gens, something like the gto with both express down would be cool. I guess whatever they decide is really no big deal to me, but since there listening right now........
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You guys prefer window switches on the console huh?

I always thought the US market favoured window switches on doors.

The GTO window switches are on the console because that's where Holden customers wanted them - it also saves the cost of seperate switch modules on each door AND saves the complexity of unique parts for LHD & RHD..

If you look carefully at the show car's interior you'll notice the window switches are on the doors
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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