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Would you consider a V6?

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If the sticker price of any of the V8 models rises above your financial abilities, would you consider a V6 model? (if one is offered)
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Had a few v6 threads. But if they have the Direct-Injected V6(or some other uber V6) that can easily beat stock Mustangs and gets unconceivable gas mileage...I'd seriously think about it.

I'd just postpone my purchase and save up some more to make a V8 Camaro mine.
If i purchased a V6 Camaro after a year or so i would put a Big turbo in that beast :)
I had 2 V6s before getting my Z28, it's not too bad. :)

The V6 in the 5th Gen is gonna be pretty sweet in its own right, nobody should feel bad about that.

All that being said, it's a V8 for me. :)
Well since I own a 4th Gen V6.. um.. no.. lol.. I shouldnt make it out that bad though.. Ive never had an issue going where I needed to go, as fast as I wanted to get there.. as long as it wasn't over 117 ... lol
My first car was a V8.

I've owned a couple of import 4 cylinder cars, but not for very long.

I need 8 cylinders.

I don't think I would. But, the newer V6's are great motors especially the DI in the caddy. That would/will make the V6 car very appealing.

I still think you will see a mild V6, a DI V6 and 340ish hp V8 followed by a 400+hp SS the following year.
I've got a V8 now, and as much fun as my wife's 270hp V6 Rav4 is, I still have to say no way. I want V8 for sound as much as power, so I will increase my financial level to get it.

As I am currently driving a 150hp PT Cruiser - a V6 would be a great improvement, so yes I would get a V6. I'm not trying to race anyone on the street, so being the fastest is not an issue for me. I simply LOVE the way this car looks & just being in it is enough for me - I figure the vert/v6 combo may run the same or just a little more than the hardtop V8 so that;s the route I'm going for.
Nope, if I buy a Camaro its going to have the largest V8 I can get in it. :cool:

I'll keep my Suby for a daily.
Really depends on the what the final engine options are, the fuel economy, and what they cost to insure. I would strongly consider it if the 3.6L DI V6 is available, as an engine option (or something comparable to it) vs the lowest V8 option. So it depends on the specifics.
i could see myself in a tt v6 camaro, if it boiled down to not be able to
have a v8 at first, im sure a turbo would be the first upgrade a serious v6
enthusiast would save for.
It all depends on the mpg of the two. If the V8 with the variable cylinder produces good mpg, I would go for the V8. If this technology works I would think the V6 & V8 would not be far off in mpg.

V8 :D
Nahh, gotta have 8 cylinders for me. It is not a daily driver so it has to be special for me, but then again, if I were to get one for a daily driver, I would consider one.
It all depends on the mpg of the two. If the V8 with the variable cylinder produces good mpg, I would go for the V8. If this technology works I would think the V6 & V8 would not be far off in mpg.
V8 :D
They are or were not far off on the 4th gen's either even without the AFM. I had a 96 V6 that got 29 hwy and if I'm correct the V8's got around 24 to 26 hwy
The highway mileage is all in the gearing. My 6 speed Vette gets instant readings of 30-35 on the highway, because 6th gear runs the engine at about 1200 rpm at 75 mph.
Thats practically at idol-wow. My 68 was close to 4000 at 75 mph. My Envoy is right around 2000 at 75
Why settle for a V6 when I coulda had a V8! Nothing against V6's but I am a V8 kinda guy! The new V8's we have with "active fuel management" and the fact that they are so fuel efficient now is a huge bonus for anyone wanting a V8. Look at the LS3 in the Vettes and how many mpg they are getting under normal non aggrreeesive driving, heck, even when you put your foot into it the odd time, they are still getting incredible mileage considering all the hp. and torque they have. V8 for me, the biggest and baddest I can afford. This is my Camaro order;

Camaro SS (Bare bones)
Biggest engine that is available
6 speed HD trans & clutch
Heavy duty, posi rear end with performance ratio
Heavy duty sport suspension with handling package
Heavy Duty Brake package
radio delete
heater delete (don't plan on driving it in winter)

I guess that is about it. Haven't decided on a colour yet. And I know when I drive down the street, all the young people are going to be saying, "Look at that old Fart driving that nice Car, What a waste" That is exactly what I used to say when I was young and saw an older guy driving a vette ie. 67 big block roadster.:lol:
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