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How Can You Win?
1. You must be registered for the Pedders USA Forum, and post in this thread.
2. You must put the pic below in your signature on the various forums that you are a member of, linking back to this post so others know where to go.
AND (this is the important part)
3. You must get other members of your forums to register, using your screen name on the Pedders USA forum as a Referrer. This way we can track who has referred the most people to us.

*Bonus Points will be given for going above and beyond to promote us in new areas that we currently have no exposure,
-----(must be area's that we have vehicle coverage in) and post a link in this thread

*Bonus Points will be given when someone lists you in the comments section (via screen name on the Pedders forum) when purchasing ANYTHING through the Wretched Motorsports Website.
(You can list your own name)

What can you win?
We have 5 prizes to offer, totaling $1000 in store credit
1st Place = $500.00 Credit or another possible option of Greater Value (see below as time goes on)
2nd Place = $250.00 Credit
3rd Place = $150.00 Credit
4th Place = $50.00 Credit
5th Place = $50.00 Credit

Contest will end on December 31st at Midnight EST.

We reserve the right to change, alter, or cancel this contest at anytime.
We don't want anyone to cause problems, or damage to anything.

I approved this message.
Justice Pete, Pedders USA, LLC

Evil Pedders Guy Since 06
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Contest thus far is very slow, apparently no one wants money, because we only have a couple people involved, and no one is really getting people to this site from other forums,

1, post something in the signature of your other forums to get people here, you can use my pic of be creative.
2. if you see someone that may be interested in our parts, show them this thread. (as the more people that you send the better your chances are, no cheating)
3. be creative, get the word out.

it's really not that hard, just get the word out, and direct people here.
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