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I ordered my system from HERE. I asked Don about a group buy and he said we could do one if I can get 12+ people to buy! It doesn't matter if they are all the same system; as long as they are for the 2010 Camaro. They will ship on July 1st so Pre-Ordering is a good idea.

The V6 pricing and info will be on the site tonight. The Group Buy discount will be 15% off of the "Your Price" on the website and it will include FREE GROUND!! This is a huge offer! If you're interest send an email to [email protected] with the part # you're interested in along with your contact information. In the title put 5thGen GB.

Here are the differences between the "Street Series" and "Comp Series" Cat-Backs. The Street Series has mufflers and the Comp Series does not. These systems will be offered in Cat-Back as well as Axle-Back versions. Magnaflow makes the best exhaust on the market for performance and sound. I've run there products on all of my cars and trucks including my 73' RS/Z28 1000 RWHP Open Road Race Camaro.

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