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Zeta wagon

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I don't know why they would be hiding the wagon unless they plan a big intro in Detroit. I wanna see the Ute get to the US more than the wagon.
If the G8 ST has a MSRP of $30K-$35K would you guys think that it is too expensive?

I've saw a Ute (G8 ST) review in one of the auto rags, but they were way off base in calculating what the MSRP will be.

I'm going to attempt to pick up a G8 Sport Truck once they start hitting the used car/ lease return lots.
I think that $25k-$30k is possible. I just wanted to see if people were thinking SSR range.

If you get the ST to hook it should be a quick ride. It should be good bang for the buck.
The V6 should definitely be an option. Anyone see what the weight difference is in the truck versus the car?

From the Holden site about technical data:

V8 SS models

6sp Auto 1785 kg 3927 lbs
6sp Man 1770 kg 3894 lbs


6sp Auto 1787 kg 3931 lbs
6sp Man 1767 kg 3887 lbs
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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